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Hi Guys! I am Rashmi and welcome to The Forest Runway! I recently started this blog to stay connect with peoples.

Born and raised in India, I am now living in Baltimore Maryland. I have done Master of Technology in Environmental but nonetheless I have passion about for all fashion. I was always wanted to be a fashion blogger but I didn’t have much time for blogging  due to my job as a Professional Environmental Engineer. In my worked career I assisted many biodiversity conservation project for endangered species in India and I am so glad that I was the part of it and I always will.But what I wanted most in my life to be a different person from the crowd. So I have decided to start this blog to show my love towards fashion and nature. I love fashion, style and beauty but I also love animals and nature.

The Forest Runway is a blog which is inspired by nature.I started this blog to sharing my ideas among people’s about fashion, styling, beauty, Travel and Lifestyle. This blog for all the peoples who loves nature as well as fashion.

I hope you’ll stay a while!


Rashmi S Chauhan

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