Jumpsuit with Tie

Hello Ladies! Last Sunday We went to Harbor side to enjoy the sunny day and like always there were lots of people over there.We were planned to take a boat ride but after reached there we postponed because it was very warm day and we couldn’t paddle the boat itself. The beautiful boats ⛵️ were all around the ocean.

Anyways I come on my outfit details. I wore striped PARIS SUNDAY jumpsuit bought from Amazon. This Jumpsuit is very comfy and I love it. PARIS SUNDAY have also lots of others beautiful pattern and designs with reasonable price. Personally I prefer this brand very much.

I’ve pair this jumpsuit with silver flat and navy shoulder bag. The details of both products I have already mentioned in previous posts. Currently this jumpsuit is unavailable but you can check Amazon for further updates.

Here is the outfit details

Paris Sunday jumpsuit here

Silver Flat by PIA/PAY and Navy Shoulder bag by ECOSUSI (link in previous post)

Hope you Guys will like this post! Thank you for stopping by.






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