Maryland ZOO in Baltimore Visit Story

Hello Guys! Last weekend we visited Maryland Zoo in Baltimore which is an awesome place for everyone. I really liked to be there because I loved animals so much. I hope I could see them in the wild. Anyways the trip was awesome. There are so many wild animals you can see there such as Lion, Zebra,Cheetah,Rhino, Elephant,Beer and so many others. If you want to feed to some animals you can do it , but additional charges may apply except ticket. There are so many birds 🐦 also you can see there like ravens, eagle 🦅 etc. The main attraction of zoo is penguins 🐧 I love Penguins and I know Guys you also love Penguins. They are so adorable and I can watch them for many hours.

Except seeing wild animals you can also eat and do some shopping there.I love to eat Dotted Ice Cream in Maryland Zoo. You can buy some soft animal toys, zoo specific Jewelry and so many other items.

This trip was totally awesome and I would love to go there again and again. Here I am sharing some photos.

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