Philadelphia Trip Story

Hi Friends! On Memorial Day weekend, we visited Philadelphia,PA. The city of Philadelphia notable due to its History and also played a important role in American resolution and I can’t tell you guys in a single post all about Philly because it’s huge so I will only share only my visiting experience with you! We took the Amtrak train ๐Ÿš‚Baltimore Penn Station to 30th Street Station Philadelphia and it took only 1 hour to get there. The weather was quite pleasant yesterday after a couple of days of showers. The best way to see all the landmark in Philly to take a Philadelphia side seeing tour bus๐ŸšŒ .This service is very convenient and they have charged only $32 per adult for one day pass for explore 27 landmark in Philly like Independence Hall, Liberty Bell Center, City Hall, Museum of Art, Rocky Statue and so many others. You can take a tour bus from 5th street market near independence Hall.

Independence Hall is the place where the United States Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution were adopted. Liberty bell center and independence visitors center also situated near by Independence hall also are big touristย  attractions.There are so many other landmark all across the city like Betsy rose house, National Constitution Center, Chinatown, Reading Terminal Market, Eastern State Penitentiary, Rocky Steps , Penn Landings, Cathedral Basilica and LOVE โค๏ธ park ย etc. Unfortunately due to construction work we couldn’t see the most famous LOVE park, May be next time. Philly is also the best place for cheese-steak lovers, the best cheese-steak in the world.









Philly have a rich history but it is also an artistic city. You can see so many beautiful art pieces all across the street like beautiful paint work and sculpture.

Here is the Philadelphia Trip Video ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‡

This was a totally worth trip and a great experience.ย I’ll definitely visit Philly again.Hope you guys like my Travel story and please share your comments in below!



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