Spring/Summer Floral Dress

Hey Guys! Have you noticed the trees surroundings are now blooming with beautiful flowers 🌺 and I am thinking about to visit nearby farm to bring some beautiful flowers plants to home. Last spring I planted lots of beautiful plants but unfortunately they haven’t  survive in winter ❄️ On my daily commute during these days, I see people started wearing colors and floral prints more often because its spring time.

Let me talk my new obsession by telling you that I am also a big fan of floral print dress! When I was a little girl, I used to wear these dresses. As its Spring time so I stepped up and choose this beautiful piece of outfit. I absolutely love this dress. It’s so feminine.The dress has gorgeous crochet with little detailing cutouts that makes this very beautiful. It also has a longer midi length with halter neck and low underarm that make it more airy perfect for summer. I love the details throughout with the fabric print contrasts. This is gorgeous dress and I feel absolutely good when I put it on.The material and the quality of dress is very good seems more expensive than it is. Nobody can believe that I got it from Amazon with very less price. It’s a nice, airy summer or spring dress. Do I really need to mention that those metal studs strapped buckle flats looking fabulous with this dress. Anyway Guys! Hope you Guys  will like this post. Please mention your suggestions in comments section. Thank you for stopping by!

                                                                   Outfit Details

                                        Spring or Summer floral midi dress here







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