National Cherry Blossom Festival 2017

Hey Guys! Today was a busy and tired day. I and my husband went to Washington DC to celebrate National Cherry Blossom Festival 2017. We choose today to go there for two reasons , First today is very sunny day and second as per National Park Service today is the Peak bloom as 70 percent blossom are fully bloomed. They looked absolutely spectacular this morning. As compared to any other day today was definitely much busier and crowded.

The Cherry blossom festival celebrating around the Tidal Basin and there are many other landmark and monument across the tidal basin you can also go there. If you are planning to go there so be prepare for a long walk. The traffic around Tidal Basin was very heavy and a lot of competition for parking spots. Today we stuck in traffic for 2-3 Hours and that part was really frustrating. Otherwise the view of blossom was great. We visited Washington DC many times but this was our first trip during Cherry Blossom Festival and it was great.

Today I am very tired guys so I have bind up my post in few words. Hope this will be helpful for you if you are planning to go there and don’t forget to bring your camera.

For more details you can check updates on website. They are providing very helpful information as well as everyday updates with full visit guide.






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