Crocodile Necklace Pendant

Hello ladies! You know what I hated most in all animal kingdoms, Reptiles. Whenever I saw a lizard, I was always thinking how creepy they are. I know most of the peoples don’t like Reptiles because these creatures are very dangerous. But soon I’ve realized they are not creepy at all. They are all equaled beautiful as others and they also afraid from us. So I have decided to change people’s opinion/view about Reptiles. Now days you can easily found reptiles identified clothes, shoes, accessories etc. Even top brands considered reptiles for their brand logo as well.

When I thought about this look and looked around online shopping options, I found this beautiful neck piece by EVER FAITH inspired from Crocodile. What an amazing necklace! I haven’t seen that type of necklace before. EVER FAITH having lots of unique designs and patterns and you can find it on Amazon. This is the neck piece when you’ll put it on, nobody can’t ignore it. This piece is very eyes catchy. Everyone will notice it. It’s a unique and stylish necklace. When the eyes of my dear hubby seen this necklace, he just asked, seriously, a Lizard. I smiled and told him, No honey! It’s not a lizard, it’s a crocodile, isn’t that beautiful? He said, yeah, it’s beautiful but it can eat/swallow you alive. Anyway like most of the others, he is also not a big fan of Reptiles.

Now I am coming on my outfit. I am wearing this neck piece with Palazzo Pant with a denim shirt or strip Tee, whatever you like. If you Guys like, you can also wear it with off shoulder dress or top for party or some causal occasions. It’s up to you. In First look I am wearing a Rose gold sneaker by Lacoste and in second there are silver pump with that outfit. All outfits are very comfy. Here are my all outfit details

                                                                          Outfits Details

Crocodile necklace by Ever Faith ($25) |Sneaker by Lacoste($105)|Palazzo Pant($31)|Silver Pump ($24) All are available on Amazon and Tee by Sears ($20)

I very looking forward you guys like my blog. Hope you’ll also like this complete look and Guys please don’t lose me in the crowd.

Thank you for stooping by!









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