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Hey Guys! I always wanted a place , close to nature and far from city. So we choose a small and peaceful village far from the city. I can feel nature here. Lots of creature like Raccoons, Squirrels🐿and Rabbits 🐇all are wondering around my apartment🏡. This is the month of February and a month of valentine also. So we should show some love to these beautiful animals also. I always tried to include something new in my look related to nature as it’s the real motive of my blog. The weather is pleasant today. The sun shine have knock our door early in the morning. Although it’s cold outside yet dearest sun giving us some relief🌞. Anyway first I was thinking to take this shoot in the night because my new look is inspired from a night watcher. The reason behind it because these majestic birds appear mostly in the night. You heard right guys! I am talking about Owls. They flew and hunt very silently as their vision is very clear in night.

So here is my new Owl fashion bag for you👜. I was bored of my old bags as all are having almost the same designs. So I decided to buy something unique and I found this bag online which is created by DARLING. This brand having a huge unique style of bags and all are very affordable. When you will carry this bag everybody definitely ask you for. Although it’s a small bag yet it has enough space for your cellphone, your makeup and a small bottle of water. Inside this bag there are two small packets also. To give this a real look they use faux fur in place of wings. It’s also available in different colors. I love their unique collection of bags so guys it’s time to say bye-bye to your common bags and try something new.

 I am wearing a Black Strip Lined High Waist Short Skirt. As it was cold out there so I am also wearing a Cardigan sweater by Marona which I bought from TARGET STORE. To complete this look I am also wearing a Bohemia Style Silver Tone Necklace bought from WALMART with Two Layer Fringe Moccasin Ankle Boots👢. For makeup, I just used a Bold Eyeliner and a Brick Color Lipstick both by L’Oreal Paris💄

                                                        Outfit Details 

| Handbag by DARLING ($29.49) here| Skirt ($14.99) here |

| Boots($26.54) here |  All from AMAZON

 |Tank top by Champion (Under $ 20) | Cardigan by Marona ($30) from TARGET STORE |

| Boho Necklace ($ 10) by WALMART|



Hope you guys like this look. Please give me your suggestions in below comments section and like or share my Facebook page.

Thank you for stopping by!👏

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