Be Glittery with Glitter

“Hi Girls! Here I am with one of amazing product Revlon Photo Ready Eye Art Lid+Line+Lash. Girls If you like a glittery eyes like me, this product is definitely for you. I love experimenting with beauty products. I used to have dry glitter power for eyes makeup but whenever I tried to applied it over on my eyes, a thin layer of glitter spread all over my face and it was very difficult for me to clean up.But this product is really amazing. I like it very much. It is very sticky and easy to use. You just need to applied it over on your eyes, wait for some moment and you are done.There is no more tension about spreading the glitter on my face and you can easily bought it from nearby drug store (Rite Aid). Please post your comments and suggestion below in comments section!

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                                                                      Product Details

Revlon Photoready Eye art Lid+ Line+ Lash (Under $ 12.00)| Colors   – Desert Dazzle, Midnight Glitz, Steel Spark, Green Glimmer, Lilac Luster, Black Brilliance, Cobalt Crystal, Peach Prism, Burnished Bling, Topaz Twinkle

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