Sterling with Shiny Star

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Hi Guys! This is my first blog post of the forest runway and I really want to share my passion towards nature and fashion, but as I said it’s my first blog post so I don’t want to bore you fellas. Everyone knows about fashion. Creative fashion ideas make a mark in everyone’s life but everybody wants to forget the weird one. I am trying to do something experimental through this blog. This blog is for those people who love nature as well as fashion. I am not a fashion expert or stylist. I am just sharing my ideas with you guys. Here is my first look which is inspired by a bird European Sterling also known as common sterling. When I was a little girl many of Indian sterling came into garden and terrace of our home and they made me feel happy. Now sterling disappears from my garden with the passage of time. I think the reason behind the sterling disappearance from the cities is increasing urbanization. Nonetheless sterling still having a huge population but they don’t show up much. This is the little information about these pretty Aves. Let’s talk about my dress it’s a black dress with sliver shiny star. It’s a halter neck cocktail party maxi dress by Jessica Howard. In this dress what I liked most is detailing, it’s give me a pretty feeling like sterling that I am a flying bird with shiny black feather. This dress is also alike a dark black night with lots of sparkling star. I love this dress. Personally I don’t like so much accessories because accessories makes me uncomfortable, but if you guys like you can wear something silver or black in your hand. Here I am wearing a silver plated watch by Lacoste. Both items I bought from Amazon.I personally preferred Amazon most due to its excellent services and they have huge options in every category.I believed every design and pattern we used in our life whatever its clothes, shoes or interior decoration of our house every inspiration came from nature. We all are very influenced by nature in our life but sometime we never accepted this fact and through this blog I want to tell something about nature. I hope you’ll stay a while and may be my thoughts will inspire you!


                                                                              Outfit Details      

 | Prom Gown by Jessica Howard  here ($138) |

Watch by Lacoste here ($186.99 |

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